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Yomigaeru Gyakuten Blog Entry 3: vs. Planner (2005)

Title: vs. Planner / 「vs. 企画マン」
Source: Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten official site

Summary: This is the third entry in the official blog of Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten (Ace Attorney (1) DS). It was posted on August 16, 2005 and written by Takumi Shū. The first part is a bit teasing an upcoming project, but the second part is an interesting mini-interview with Yamazaki Takeshi, a planner at the time, but also the person who'd become the head writer and director of the main series and the Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations) later. The last question Takumi asks Yamazaki is quite interesting, as this proposal sounds kinda familiar to a game Takumi himself made many years later! The entry ends with a little promotional talk by producer Matsukawa.

vs. Planner

Hello. Takumi here of the Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) team.

Blogs are great!

Your messages all come here in real time. The whole team reads them. Thanks for all your heartwarming comments. We love you! (← confession).

And that was the highly-excited-for-no-reason update. Work on development is finished for the moment, and lately I’ve been working on “publicity”, marketing the game. This blog too is in a way part of that.

Making this into a super popular blog and receiving the prize money from Ameba Blog is our dream, no, our destiny! (← a lie).

Anyway. Lately, I’ve been busy with a super secret project for next month’s Tokyo Game Show. Ah, it’s super secret, so don’t tell anyone. “Super Secret Project…. I want to know about that!” For those thinking this, please swing by the Capcom Booth at the Game Show.

At the moment, I’m busy writing a super secret scenario in super secrecy. And next week, I’ll go super secretly to Tokyo for this super secret production. The next time, I’ll report on my super secret business trip. Of course, all in super secrecy. Look forward to it super secretly!

And just by saying super secret a lot of times, I’m done with my publicity work. So this time, I’ll write a bit about one of our team members again today. This second person is… a planner.

Yamazaki, who joined the company last year and was thrown into the Gyakuten team all of a sudden.  Let’s ask this fresh talent some questions today.

“Planning”. It’s is an extremely busy job, where you’ll not only be thinking about the game itself, but also be having collisions with other divisions, managing the development schedule and other random jobs. One of my functions is also “planner”,  but I occupy myself with the game itself, and all the super busy jobs are done by Yamazaki.

Okay. First question: how is being part of your first team?

Yamazaki: It’s been fun! I’m kinda sad it’s going to be over soon. Even in the hardest times, I can do my best if I think: “It’s for the team.” Lately, I’ve even been seeing the other team members in my dream. Last time, Mr. Takumi and Mrs. Matsukawa appeared together… When I woke up I was all shaking and covered in sweat. What the dream was? I can’t really remember… I think.

Well, well. What a nice story. By the way, when I was just new here, I wasn’t as good at my job as Yamazaki is, so it was like working in hell. Of course, I also had dreams then. I still remember them.

There was a dream where the whole team was in a brawl, and the producer, who is usually so nice, was swinging a chair around wildly as she was crying! And her target was… me of course! As I was running away in fear, I looked up and saw...that the Rockman (Mega Man) team next door was also busy with a brawl of their own! It was like the apocalypse.

But I’m only here now because of those times. That’s how the world works. Probably.

Next question. Any memorable happenings?

Yamazaki: The first time I played with the Nintendo DS. Two screens? What a surprise! I was moved by the stylus control! I started to dream of what kind of Gyakuten Saiban we could make on this new hardware.

Everyone was excited like a child, but I hadn’t misses that sparkle in Mr. Takumi’s eyes then. “Those are the eyes of a planner!” That was the moment I started to think I should stay with him.

There's a new employee who knows how to do things. He didn’t forget to suck up to his boss. What is important is that he says he started to think. So he hasn’t made his mind up yet. As a senior who isn’t convincing enough shaking by this pressure, I’ll ask you this last question.

We have a planner here, so the question is of course is: What would you do with Gyakuten Saiban?

Yamazaki: Let’s allow our imagination to go free, beyond time and borders. The setting: Medieval Europe. A young girl is standing on trial.
“That girl, she’s a witch!”
“She killed someone with magic!”
And just when she’s about to be pronounced guilty in the name of God...!
Together with that cry, a single man gallantly appears. His name is Father Galileo Naruhōdo.
“There is no such thing like magic! She is innocent!”
This man faced the courtroom that trembles for superstition with scientific reasoning!
This was Gyakuten Saiban, The Renaissance Chapter. There’s also the Ō-edo Chapter, Cyborg Chapter and more… I’m bursting with imagination because of my youth.

Aha… Father Galileo Naruhōdo. His sense for names is kinda bad. And because the protagonist is called Galileo, it’s already sure there’s no way he can win the trial in the last episode. Because at the end, the last piece of evidence defendant Father Galileo Naruhōdo will present, will be “the Earth spinning around”….

And so, with this slightly academic comment I’ve made myself happy, so that’s it for this week. Thank you, Yamazaki! I’ll be needing your help again!

Until next week!

The latest news

Hello. My name is Matsukawa Minae. I'm the producer of Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten. I'll be mostly writing promotional material on this blog.

Limited Edition / Limited Booklet
"Who was the one who came up with this?"
"Change Akane (Ema Skye)'s illustration to this one."
"Keep the deadline in mind!"
After a chaotic editing process, I'm now finally working on the final check of the limited booklet that comes with the limited edition: Turnabout Crossover. Shall I show you a bit?

I took the picture out of focus on purpose. Probably.

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This week, the demo of Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes will be available. Akane looks cute moving around! The demo's only for Docomo Foma900i / 901i, so to those with other models: I am terribly sorry!!

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