Thursday, July 7, 2016

The First Turnabout

Welcome to the Gyakuten Saiban - Ace Attorney Library! The goal of this site is to provide a central place for translations of interviews, blog entries and other material on Capcom's Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) game series.

There are sites out there that focus on reporting on the latest news in Ace Attorney fandom, but here, I want to focus on what the creators themselves have to say: in the fifteen (and running) years the series has existed, developers have said a lot about the series in interviews, blogs, essays and other materials. However, not all of that is available in English, or at least not in a complete form. Here at the Gyakuten Saiban - Ace Attorney Library, I hope to bring you translations of the material mentioned above. While summaries would be infinitely easier to make, I think complete translations have extra value, as they allow the readers to form a better image of what the author/interviewed person is trying to say.

The main objective is to tackle the backlog of untranslated material, so a lot of this will be quite old. I'll try to pick out the items that are most interesting in terms of development of the games, so a lot of the translations will be about game design, character design and simply 'behind the scenes' stories. I won't be doing things in order, or 'per game'. Translations of more recent material will also appear here (eventually). That said, I do think updates to the site will be irregular.

As I have posted a lot of translations of such articles on the forums of Court Records, I'll also be reposting (after a bit of editing) some of those articles here.

Final note: as I focus on Japanese materials, I'll mainly use Japanese names for everything, also because some things are only released in Japan (for the moment) and I think "solutions" to mix the original Japanese names with the localized versions, like "The Great Ace Attorney" for Dai Gyakuten Saiban are a bit ridiculous. However, the localized name of anything (if available) will be mentioned the first time it appears in an article. If there is no official localized name available, a translation follows (indicated by single quotes '___').

And that's it! Court adjourned!