Monday, July 30, 2018

The Little Adventures of Mr. Takumi Entry 1: Mr. Takumi and "Stories" (2015)

Title: Entry 1: Mr. Takumi and "Stories" / 「第一回 巧さんと“物語”」
Source: Nintendo Dream, September issue, 2015

Summary: Takumi Shū, director/scenario writer of Dai Gyakuten Saiban ("The Grand Turnabout Trial") wrote a six-part column in 2015 for the magazine Nintendo Dream titled The Little Adventures of Mr. Takumi. The theme of these columns was "first meetings" and had Takumi write about his first experiences with topics that would have a significant impact on his future life, like his first games or his first meeting with stage magic. In this first column, dating from the September issue, Takumi talks about a certain work of fiction that had a profound influence on his own writing, and surprisingly enough, it's not even a mystery story: Dr. Dolittle.