Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Little Adventures of Mr. Takumi Entry 4: Mr. Takumi and "Games" (2015)

Title: Entry 4: Mr. Takumi and "Games" / 「第4回 巧さんと“ゲーム”」
Source: Nintendo Dream, December issue, 2015

Summary: Director/scenario writer of Dai Gyakuten Saiban ("The Grand Turnabout Trial") Takumi Shū wrote a six-part column in 2015-2016 for the magazine Nintendo Dream titled The Little Adventures of Mr. Takumi. The common theme for all six columns was "first meetings", and Takumi would write about his first encounters with topics that would have impact in his own personal life and his games. In this fourth column, Takumi writes about his memories with videogames and how he first get enthranced with the adventure game genre that would form the basis of the majority of his work.