Sunday, December 17, 2017

Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban! 3 "An Autumn Of...." (2004)

Title: Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban! 3 "An Autumn Of...." /「なるほど逆転裁判!第3回 〇〇の秋」
Source: DreaMaga 2004, November issue

Summary: Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) creator Takumi Shuu had a column "Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!" ("I See! Ace Attorney!") in the monthly game magazine DreaMaga (an abbreviation derived from its old format titled DreamCast Magazine). His column ran for 19 months starting in the September 2004 issue, mostly to build up to the release of the DS port of the first game. These columns would include a short essay by Takumi, dialogues that had been cut out of the games, an original artwork piece by Suekane Kumiko and a one-page dialogue-based short story starring the characters from Gyakuten Saiban, all surrounding a certain theme. The theme for this third column is autumn, and Takumi decides to write a bit about the detective writers and characters that influenced his youth, and that left their mark on Gyakuten Saiban. Note that this translation only includes the column itself, and none of the other parts (short story/cut dialogues).