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【Workplace】 My Life Has Been Supported By The People I Meet (2010)

Title: 【Workplace】My Life Has Been Supported By The People I Meet / 「【仕事場】僕の人生は出会いに支えられています 」
Source: ZakZak (down)

In 2010, around the release of Takumi Shū's game Ghost Trick, ZakZak featured several columns by Takumi Shū their series The Workplace Of Top Creators, where creators got a place to talk about how their jobs and how they got them. In this second column originally posted on June 18, 2010, Takumi muses about the importance of meeting the right persons at the right time in your life, as they may have great influence on your work and your career.

Ghost Trick Director Takumi Shū – Part 2: Encounters

I already mentioned last time, but I have been reasonably blessed by chance encounters with people, like with my college friend Tanaka Shuntarō, who showed me the way after university. Meeting with Mikami Shinji of Biohazard (Resident Evil) fame after I joined Capcom was another important encounter.

I was completely useless when I first joined Capcom. I was really bad at reading the atmosphere, so sometimes I wouldn’t even notice people got mad at me. Despite that, Mr. Mikami picked me out to direct a game where you'd shoot dinosaurs called Dino Crisis. By the way, the only dinosaur I knew was the Stegosaurus. I hurried to watch Jurassic Park to study up (laugh).

Dino Crisis 1 is a dark part of my past. It was my first time as a director, and I didn’t really get who was supposed to do what in the team, so I ended up all on my own. In the end, I was removed from the position of director. But thankfully, I was given another chance with Dino Crisis 2, and I feel I did a reasonable job there. I think that for myself, it was good I messed up once first.

One day, when the completion of Dino Crisis 2 was in sight, Mr. Mikami said: “Thanks for these last three years, even though you know nothing about dinosaurs. You can make whatever you want for your next game.” What I made was Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney GBA). I also met with various people during the creation of Gyakuten Saiban. All those popular characters were drawn with a pop-style by Suekane Kumiko, who is now working as a manga artist, and the music by composer Sugimori Masakazu was also great. I’ve returned to my origins for Ghost Trick, working with Sugimori again for the first time in ten years. My life has truly been supported by the people I meet.

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