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Gyakuten Saiban 3 Blog Entry 14: The Magnificent Turnabout Pt. 2 (2004)

Title: The Magnificent Turnabout - Part 2 / 「華麗なる逆転・後編」
Source: Gyakuten Saiban 3 official site (down) 

Summary: In the fourteenth column for the official Gyakuten Saiban 3 (Ace Attorney 3 - Trials & Tribulations) website, Takumi explains how he managed to solve a fatal problem in the original script for the final episode of the game, The Magnificent Turnabout  (Bridge to the Turnabout). After three years, Takumi decided to take the advice he had written so often in the games and use it himself, and that led to a surprising result.

The Magnificent Turnabout, Part 2

Anyway, I had to connect the stories together. Thanks to the little idea I mentioned in the ninth column, Tunrnabout Memories, I had already decided on the final “Objection!”. But how would I tie things up to that scene?

If you have already decided on the last scene, you can work your way back from there and construct your story like that. And you can adjust the actions of the characters and their mindsets to follow that flow. But I simply couldn’t see the story in front of me of that time. The road to the last scene was invisible to me, blocked off by the many hints I had scattered around, the restrictions I had to work with, and Circumstances of Adult Society.

(You have to turn your thoughts around, Naruhodo-kun (Phoenix Wright))

It was a line I had written dozens of time in the episodes. …Perhaps I could use it in real life now. I was already halfway down despair when I thought of this. So I decided to look at the story from the other way around. I wasn’t going to move the characters around to fit the hints, setting and the circumstances, but I’d start with the things the characters deemed important and then follow their story….

First of all. What would that culprit consider an unbearable form of “defeat”? It was impossible for Naruhodō to inflict fatal damage to that person. Well then, who could? There was of course only one person. “She” would appear daringly on the scene and dramatically reveal a grave mistake made by the culprit, and thus tear apart that pride of the culprit! It would be even better of “she” herself would’ve placed a trap for the culprit. ...No, no, but on the night of the crime,  would “she” have any time to place a trap for the culprit. No, that’s impo…ssible. No, this wouldn’t work. This path was also blocked…..

….Wait! Suddenly, a spark appeared in the corner of my mind.

But there was one chance! The victim, who had been atttacked by the culprit, they would ask advice from “her”!

I felt my heart beat stronger as I found my little piece of rope to lead me out of this.

…I had to push forward. That night, “she” was asked for advice… If I had been her. What advice would I have given?

… And there was an utterly natural, and simple answer to the problem. There was a way to protect the victim, and place a trap for the culprit in one move…. The next moment, I could clearly see the other climax scene appear vividly in my mind, that of the culprit screaming….

…. Well, well. With this, I can work something out.

I look back now, I remember that strangely enough, I was not touched at all at the moment. When I look in my development diary now, I only find a blunt mention. “A way out. Well, well.” I think I had hit upon the answer in such a simple way, I had not realized the true value of it.

How important was this idea?

I finally realized its value as I worked on the story in the two days after that day. And I mumbled to myself countless of times after that: “That was really dangerous…  That was close… Man, that was dangerous….’

….(Turn your thoughts around, Naruhodo-kun)

I see. As expected from Chihiro-san (Mia Fey). That’s a good advice.

And so I once again managed to finish the story just barely. Every time I do a final episode, I reflect and arrive at the same thought: …I packed a bit too much in this episode…. How should I put it? This is not the work done by a professional. It’s the work of an amateur, trying too much their best. But this might be a problem I’ll be having in eternity.

Anyway, I split the story up in two columns, but that shows how much memories I have of it. Please forgive me for that. And I bet the whole team thinks the same as you. Because even though they had to cut things away because of the data restraints of the ROM cartridge, I added all those climax scenes, flashbacks, guest characters and extra scenarios…. Each member confronted their own problems, and fought and conquered them using all the abilities they have.

The final episode was in danger until the very end. I made the producer and everyone around me worry about how it would end up, but like this, our final Magnificent Turnabout was completed.

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